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The value of data in contemporary electronic society is higher than that of gold. Private data is the most precious good of the informations community.

The Cd-Rom is a Standard to store a certain amount of data. It is representing a real value. A Cd-Rom is as well a standard to define a specific amount of tradeable (informations) good as a goldbar. Both of them are parts of the object of assets and merit s Datagold.

The Cd-Rom Sculpture Datagold is containing the exclusive interactive artsdatabase burned on the individual masstorageset Cd-Rom. The personal data of Mamax stored on Cd-Rom and a goldbar are protected by the iron sculpture. Unauthorised access to values is impossible.

Adjustment items for standards are defined by the public presentation of the Cd-Rom-Sculpture with its own Web Domain in the museum (Museum of Applied Arts Vienna).

Goldbar and Cd-Rom are materials of the sculpture of values Datagold , as well as the domain www.datagold.priv.at.

The Internet- Domain Datagold www.datagold.priv.at

The index of the PrivatData-archive of Mamax, Margarete Jahrmann and Max Moswitzer is only accessible via Internet. The individual Domain "www.datagold.priv.at" is also represen ting a private property of a certain value in the net. In the web directory of Datagold are just demos and abstracts of all available data on the Cd-Rom. You need access to the mass storage set, which is part of the Cd-Rom sculpture, to get any complete informat ion. Only when sombody owns the whole unique data object can she have access to all data.

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